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Varsity "M" Club, Inc.
Morgan State University
PO Box 29
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

Hundred Dollar Club

Dear Morgan State University, Former Athletes, Alumni and Friends:

The Varsity "M" $100.00 Club Athletic Scholarship Endowment Fund was formed in 1975 by a few dedicated and concerned members that had a vision to provide athletic scholarships to deserving athletes. The idea was to uphold the Morgan spirit and tradition of being one of the most dominant force in athletics, to compete on a National level with other major universities. Since the inception of the $100 Club, only a few dedicated former athletes, alumni and friends of Morgan State University have contributed on a yearly basis to reach our goal of One Million dollars. With a larger budget, we can award more scholarships to the athletic students. Let us all contribute and/or increase our contribution to regain the "glory years" of the forties, fifties, and sixties. Your gift or contribution is an investment into the future of Morgan Sate University's athletic program.

In today's world, no university or college can hope to continue its mission and services to grow without the help and support of those who have benefited from those services during their own student years. Your investment in your alma mater not only supports the institution, but also, and equally important, enhances the value of our degrees. As the university and our athletes succeed and prosper through our efforts, those of us who contribute to its growth can proudly claim a part of that success. Everyone gains. Your wisdom, experience and influence are surely needed at this critical time. Let us all work together in helping to make Morgan State University one of the premier universities in America.

Contributions can be sent to the following address:

Morgan State University
Varsity "M" Club, Inc.
Attn: $100 Club Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 29
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, Maryland 21251

I would like to hear from you, please share any thoughts or suggestions on how we can attain our goal.

Samuel LaBeach
Chair, $100.00 Club

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